Fairfield University - 51 McInnes

Fairfield, Connecticut

51 McInnis (New Village Dormitory) is a new student suite style residence dormitory consisting of 33 suites for 192 students. Modern Mechanical Systems was the plumbing and HVAC prime contractor for this project. The plumbing included the installation of two gas fired hot water heaters, over 20,000 ft. of pipe and 220 plumbing fixtures. The HVAC system included the installation of hi-temperature hot water heat exchangers, hot water pumps, plant chilled water, chilled water pumps, 33 apartment fan coils, air-to-air energy recovery units, laundry exhaust and make-up air systems and over 5,000 ft. of pipe. This building also included full DDC controls with a dashboard so students and faculty can monitor the HVAC systems and total building energy consumption.



Delivery Method