Miss Porter's School HVAC Replacement and Repairs Projects

Farmington, Connecticut

In an effort to move the campus into the future the buildings were reviewed and a master plan was established. Conversion from burning fuel yearly operating capital, obtain energy credits, and reduce the school’s carbon footprint. The 28,000 sf Olin Arts & Sciences Academic Building constructed in 1976 required a full HVAC renovation. The oil fired boiler and domestic hot water storage tank were replaced with two high efficiency condensing boilers and a high efficiency condensing domestic hot water heater. Circulating pumps were replaced with variable frequency driven pumps. handlers and unit ventilators was replaced with a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system which simultaneously cools and heats varying outdoor compressor speed to meet the required load system is comprised of VRF air handlers (ceiling and floor mounted) and multiple condensing units. Existing air handlers were replaced with heat recovery units and ducting was modified where required. Virtually every room, including hallways, installed new, chases built, walls opened to install mechanicals and then replaced, cabinets reworked or replaced. The 48,000 sf complex consisting of the Hacker Theater and outfitted boiler room consisting of high efficiency condensing boilers (2) (2), pumps with variable frequency drives, and associated equipment. The Theater received a new fan coil unit and coil. The Gyms air handling units, coils, and condens stratification ceiling fans were installed. Perimeter ceiling mounted radiant panels were installed in the Crisp Gym. Both buildings had a complete automated building management system installed to control and monitor all of the new equipment and temperature of all the building spaces. Schedule was the driver for this project. It was extremely aggressive with start of work not being until June 10, 2013 and completion being August 16, 2013. Liquidated damages were in 40 teaching faculty are at the campus The campus consists of fifty eight buildings, of which all are oil to cleaner burning natural gas allowed the school to save tion. The air cooled 200-ton chiller serving air RF was worked on. Ceilings were removed and replaced, or the Mellon and Crisp Gyms received a newly om and domestic hot water heaters condensing units were replaced, and large de place for this project. load. This ed ing destratification Contributors On This Proj



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76,000.0 SQ FT